Motorists, what kind of cars are most suitable

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Motorist travel is a desirable word. It is the way to escape from Chasing Liberty after the steel forest.  It is an excellent way to get close to nature and feel the beauty of life. Those who are fascinated by the Motorists are warriors who aspire for freedom and explorers who combine courage and talent.

 Some people say that four rounds carry the body and two rounds carry the soul.  So, are you such a person?

 It will soon enter April, and the peak season for the Motorists will soon come.  If you want to leave, which car is the most suitable?

 Motorists, what is the most suitable displacement car?

 First, if you are a lone ranger and like a slow-paced motorcycle tour in living a life of ease and leisure by yourself or a motorcycle tour in the suburbs, then cars with a displacement of less than 250 can meet the needs.

 Second, if you often travel with your team or travel across provinces, pilgrimage to Tibet is also a goal you have always been buried in your heart, then 250CC or more is recommended.

 250cc, this displacement is a link between the past and the future, is a watershed between car fans and ordinary users.  First of all, I have mastered the small displacement. The 250 displacement obviously feels more energetic and more fun to drive.  Many people fall in love with motorcycles because of this. It is suggested that beginners should not start with motorcycles directly. This easily broken model is really not suitable for beginners.

 However, this is definitely a moderate displacement for the experienced and skilled Motorists. The mountain road is completely possible if the speed is desired, and it will not fall down and cannot be lifted.

 This does not mean that it cannot be done with a displacement of less than 250CC. In fact, some cows used to go to Tibet on a small pedal. Therefore, the key is people, not cars.

 The power of 250CC displacement or above is significantly greater than that of small displacement. First of all, if traveling together, there is no psychological pressure to keep up with the team.

 Secondly, large power means enough horsepower, and there is no pressure to climb mountains and long slopes. Even if you go to high altitude areas in Tibetan areas, the impact of altitude reaction is much smaller than that of small displacement.

 The benefits of high power are also that overtaking on national roads is safer. Many people have a misconception that cars with high power are very dangerous. In fact, the most dangerous thing in the motorcycle journey is to overtake, but there are also passing cars in the opposite lane. It is easy to be in danger between hesitations.  A handful of oil with high power can overtake cleanly, which is certainly much safer than the small-displacement vehicles type, which succeeded in overtaking by a narrow margin.